Thanks for stopping by! My name is Grace and I am an artist / illustrator living in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  I specialize in creating whimsical, playful art. I create prints from my original designs and new work is added seasonally.  I also take commissions and custom work - anything you can dream up, I would be happy to create it for you.   

My story:
For me it was always going to be about art - creating. There was never any other path for me. 
The most distinctive memories from my childhood are of days spent creating. As kid I was always making something - a craft project with my mom and sisters, inspirational quote art for my bedroom, holiday cards for my grandparents, or a mud pie decorated with leaves, pinecones, and flowers! I remember that I was SO creative and imaginative - if I wasn't creating, then I was definitely daydreaming. I could spend a whole day in my own head - lost in a blissful world. I went on to study Visual / Fine Art in college, without a doubt in my mind that this was me. As I got older and the realities of life set in more, I lost a lot of my creativity and imagination - I'm learning again to come home to my creative inner child.

The summer that I was pregnant with my son, I had several people interested in buying prints of my fine art. I honestly just started my Etsy shop as an easy way to make those few sales, but once I did I realized how much I loved it and the potential it held. I saw that I could really make something out of Etsy and from selling prints of my work. So, that summer as I grew my baby in my belly, I also grew my Etsy. That was really where I shifted from a more traditional style of fine art to a more playful + whimsical style of illustration. I realized that I didn’t need to make “fine” art to be an artist and I could just make whatever the hell I wanted and still touch people with my work.  
Now, I love making art that promotes wonder, and imagination, mindfulness and connection, and really just Love.  

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