Tattoo Permission


This listing is for those who have inquired and are interested about using my artwork for tattoos. First, this is the highest honor and I am so happy my work speaks to you on that level!

If you are inspired by one of my works or wish to get one of my past works tattooed, you may! In return I would love it if you could:
1. Please share a photo of the tattoo with me afterwards, I'd love to see it!
2. Credit me @glrouse_art once posted publicly
3. By purchasing this listing, you are getting my permission to get my work tattooed. You can select the amount you’d like to donate.

This is an honor system. I support myself through this one woman art shop, and I am beyond grateful for all the purchases made that allow me to keep creating.

Thank you
♡ Grace

I currently also do make custom tattoos. Can can find the listing for custom tattoo designs here:

If you would like some custom work done, just send me Message and I will be happy to work with you on it!


Find Me:

on instagram: @glrouse_art
on facebook: G L Rouse Art

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